Hospitalization facilities

We have an extensive kennelled area specifically for dogs where your pet can be cared for in comfort. We also have a separate room for isolating any coughing dogs or for sick cases of potentially contagious diseases such as parvovirus. This will help prevent any potential cross contamination of Kennel Cough or Parvovirus while your dog is in our care.
Unlike many practices not only do we have a separate area in the waiting room for cats so they are not bothered by dogs waiting for appointments while in an already stressed state but we have a whole sound dampened room for the cats separate from our dog ward. This allows the cats to recover from their surgery or illness without dogs barking and generally upsetting them whilst in their debilitated state. The separate isolation area also allows us to care for potential flu cases without the risk of spreading to other cats whilst in our care.
We use a specific pheromone in the cattery to help create a calming atmosphere during your pets stay.
Dedicated vivarium reptile housing including thermostatically heated enclosures and the provision of ultraviolet lighting allows us to hospitalise sick reptiles should their treatment require this more specialised care. Many ill reptiles lose the capacity to thermoregulate by moving in to and out of heated areas so careful heating methods and good control are essential to aid in recovery.
Small Mammals
Whilst these do not have any dedicated housing area our warm comfortable rooms will aid in your pets recovery.


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Opening Times

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Closed only on Easter Sunday, Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day.
Our 'normal' Sunday hours apply on all other bank holiday days and Christmas Eve / New Years Eve. Fees are the same at the weekends as midweek so this is a genuine 7 day service.
You will not get any additional charges for it being a weekend.