We have most of the usual practice instrumentation that you would expect at any veterinary hospital but in addition we have invested heavily in state of the art equipment so as to be able to offer your pets a full diagnostic work up and monitoring when they become ill.

In this area we have;

BLOOD ANALYSERS: In house haematology, biochemistry and electrolyte analysers so we can run bloods on your sick pet without having to wait for a laboratory to be open. Some of the early in house veterinary laboratory machines were not very accurate but these are the latest available and give excellent analytical results.

BLOOD CLOTTING: We have an in-house blood clotting analyser so we can be sure that your pets blood clots normally before doing any surgery and we can look for the reason for any prolonged bleeding issues or rodenticide poisonings.

URNINE ANALYSER: We have a urine analysis machine which will look at both the cells and debris in a urine sample as well as analyse the fluid composition. This allows us to standardise urine analysis.

X-RAY FACILITIES: Powerful fixed X-ray machine with sliding table allowing us to get good images of even the biggest of dogs. We have a DR x-ray image plate which gives the best images possible and which allows us to manipulate these images in their digital format to allow us the best chance of diagnosing conditions.

ULTRASOUND: Colour doppler ultrasound which allows us to investigate all sorts of things from pregnancy, internal masses etc to heart scans. This can be a very useful tool in our work ups of sick animals where we can detect changes in the structure of the internal organs and potentially biopsy the changed area without having to perform open surgery on your pet. In addition we can perform pregnancy scans on your pets confirming pregnancy and looking at embryo numbers.

3 ENDOSCOPES: We have a normal size flexible 8mm endoscope allowing us to look down the airways of dogs and check the main parts of the airways for foreign bodies, illness and tumours. The same device allows us to look inside the dogs stomach for similar changes. We have a small 4mm flexible endoscope which allows us to be able to look down small animals airways and in to nasal passages. We also have a rigid endoscope which is used in laparoscopy and other procedures. Being able to do these scopes may make surgery un-necessary and is a great diagnostic tool.

C-T SCANNER: Our state of the art CT Scanner allows us wonderful diagnostics that are far superior to the traditional X-ray resolution. It allows us to see your pets bones, blood vessels and organs from any angle enabling us to make a speedy diagnosis.




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