CT Scanner

At Sutterton Veterinary Hopspital our number one priority is your pet, we have several state of the art diagnosic machines which allow us to determine as quickly as possible what may be wrong with your pet. This quick diagnosis allows us to treat your pet more effectively and determine a speedy course of action.

The latest addition to our arsenal is the CT Scanner, allowing us to see inside your pet for a more timely diagosis of life threatening conditions.

Our fully trained CT nurse will be on hand to ensure your pet recieves the best possible care. One of our vets may sedate your pet for a short time, so they are calm and still throughout their time in the CT scanner room. The CT scanner scans your pet quickly, meaning shorter examination times and less stress for both your pet and yourself. This is the same technology used in human hospitals across the country.

The CT Scanner can be used for all examinations including

  • Orthopaedic problems
  • Neurological conditions
  • Blood vessel diseases
  • Cancer
  • Trauma


Commonly seen conditions include

  • Pleural effusion
  • Trauma screening
  • Tumour staging


We offer a referral service for CT scans from other veterinary practices.

Please ring the practice for more details.


01205 345 345

Your call may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes


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